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Forthy days later: updates from Ibo

Life is starting over after Cyclone Kenneth

More than a month has passed since Cyclone Kenneth struck violently in northern Mozambique. From that 25th of April, the operators of Istituto Oikos have been tirelessly at work to support the affected communities with all available means. They have been writing and sending images to us every day, to document the precious work that we are able to continue with the help of our supporters.
We have collected in a short diary the most important moments of a great teamwork, which allows us to guarantee the most necessary basic goods and needs for as many people as possible.
It was the night of April 25th when we received the alarm from our local staff: strong winds with peaks up to 180 km / h and incessant rainfall of about 300-500 mm - over 8 times the average for the season - they destroyed entire villages of the Quirimbas Archipelago, where Oikos operates. The communities of Ibo, Quirimba, Matemo and Quirambo have been left homeless, with no drinking water, food or personal hygiene equipment.

ALT ripresa aerea del villaggio

The personnel and vehicles of Oikos (cars and boats) have all been diverted to the affected areas to reach and assist even the most isolated populations.
With the first funds available, we immediately started distributing rice, flour and pulses to 68 of the most vulnerable families (single women with children and families with disabled people), as well as soap and disinfectants, which are fundamental for guaranteeing basic hygiene and preventing the spread of diseases.

distribuzione di cibo

In the following days, heavy rains continued to fall on the coast and on the islands: the emergency was still high, but we did not stop. With a team of volunteers and the collaboration of all the inhabitants, we built shelters and small shelters, as well as covered the roofs of the open houses with emergency tarpaulins. Thanks to these interventions, today 322 families have a safe roof again.

Shelter team al lavoro per ricostruire i tetti

On May 17 we also intervened on the first public facilities: we supported the assembly of two tents for the maternity ward on the island of Quirimba, which was completely roofless, and covered the roofs of the Rituto and Cumuamba schools on the island of Ibo, with emergency drapes, to allow the resume of the lessons.

To respond to the need for drinking water and to prevent the spread of disease, we have started monitoring the wells of both community and individual local families. In the following days, the interventions for the chlorination of water started in 134 wells. During these operations, we supply 870 families with certeza, a product used to disinfect the water of the wells, used for drinking and cooking.

clorazione dei pozzi a Ibo

Another important intervention launched in recent weeks has been the construction of temporary sanitary facilities for schools and reception centres that host displaced families, in schools and public buildings. In the centre of Ibo we have also set up and are guaranteeing the functioning of the hand washing points, indispensable for improving hygienic and sanitary conditions and preventing the spread of epidemics and diseases.

servizi igienici

Together we can do more. You can help us to support the emergency in Mozambique by donating at this link or by bank transfer to Istituto Oikos: IBAN CODE  IT80R569601602000006906X78

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