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Protecting and enhancing coastal resources, promoting climate smart agriculture and social inclusion.

Very rich in terms of biodiversity yet one of the 10 least developed states in the world (Human Development Report, UNDP, 2015), Mozambique is a growing country. Anthropogenic pressure, the tourism industry’s growing interest in the region and the large investments of extractive industries (gas and minerals) are deteriorating the natural resources on which communities base their survival.

Oikos focuses its operations in two areas of Cabo Delgado, the country’s poorest province.
The coastal part of the Quirimbas National Park, a vast marine and terrestrial protected area characterised by the presence of permanent human settlements. The splendid natural environment contrasts with serious social and environmental problems: inadequate hygiene practices, poor management of the coastal and marine ecosystem, endemic malnutrition and a serious over-exploitation of the sea which is compromising the main source of livelihood.

The rural areas of the Pemba-Metuge district, where communities live on subsistence agriculture and deal with increasingly adverse nature which is at risk of degradation. Alternating periods of frequent floods and droughts make survival difficult for those who rely solely on food produced on their own lands.

We also operate as a technical partner in the Provinces of Maputo, in three agricultural districts, and Gorongosa, near the homonymous National Park, an exceptionally rich environment, although devastated by years of guerrilla warfare and internal conflicts.

Since 2012 Oikos have been working with institutions, organisations and local communities to implement sustainable, shared and concrete solutions.

We are involved in the following programmes in the country:

Conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage of the Quirimbas Archipelago. We combine environmental protection measures – that provide support for the management of the Quirimbas National Park and participatory planning for the use of fish resources – with education, training and strengthening local entrepreneurship activities. We have one objective: to improve hygiene, nutritional and land use practices and to include communities in a development process based on sustainable tourism that aims for environmental protection and culture promotion as growth drivers.

Support to the agricultural supply chain in the district of Pemba-Metuge. We work to support small farmers and strengthen the agricultural supply chain from production to sale. We promote associationism, the spread of conservative farming techniques, the introduction of improved conservation practices of products and seeds and foster access to markets.

Promotion of access to water. We take action through the restructuring and construction of small water infrastructures such as rainwater collection, wells and irrigation channels, to increase the quantity and quality of water resources for human, animal and agricultural use.

A sustainable islands within the Quirimbas National Park

REDES IBO – Culture and nature as strategic resources for the local development, community participation and good management of Ibo District

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Healthy diet and sanitation for Ibo

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Adapting to change


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