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Adapting to change

ADAPT – Integrated approach for the definition of replicable actions for supporting environmental protection and community resilience in rural areas

Hands on earth

Improving natural resources management and fostering sustainable and inclusive development solutions among small farmers communities in Mozambique, who live in rural areas in Cabo Delgado Province, in the North, and in the Maputo Province, in the South of the country.

The population of Mozambique is overtaken by serious climatic events: in Northern regions rains are condensed in increasingly short periods of time, often causing floods, while the South cyclically goes through prolonged droughts. The consequences on food security, agricultural production and livestock are clear: in 2015, 62,000 ha and 4,000 herds were lost only in Maputo Province.

In such a precarious background, adaptation is essential for surviving. We work with small producers communities in Cabo Delgado, in the North, and in Maputo, in the South, in order to find concrete and sustainable solutions to these changes.

Hydrogeological analysis were the first step, that allowed us to understand what small infrastructures to realize in the two areas for soil protection (eg. dams and barrages) and avoid water waste (eg. drip irrigation). We also aim at improving the production, conservation and selling of the products.

Furthermore, updated climate data will be collected thanks to the installation of two meteorological stations, allowing to plan agricultural activities with local communities, select the most appropriate vegetable varieties based on land conditions and the most effective cultivation and conservation techniques. 

2,300 farmers will be trained to improve their competences, such as conservation of grains and vegetables, and 22 farmers associations will be strengthened through training in order to improve their access to local markets. 

Through moving cinema and rural theatre we are going to tell to all the inhabitants of the target villages what climate change is and how it can be tackled to improve the conditions of one’s life, the one of the community and the environment in which we all live in. 


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