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A signature against intensive farming

On World Biodiversity Day, Wednesday 22nd of May, Istituto Oikos launches a petition in support of more ecological production models, to ensure fundamental standards in animal welfare. More responsible food choices are essential for the planet’s future and for our well-being: the new awareness-raising campaign #èunmacello! invites citizens to reflect on this.

The current food production system threatens the survival of 26,000 plant and animal species (source: FAO 2019). This means putting at risk a multitude of organisms that supply us with food and medicine, provide pollination, purify water and air, and regulate the climate. A decisive change of course, which stops highly polluting production and intensive farming models, is essential to protect biodiversity, and therefore our future.
For this reason, Istituto Oikos invites all citizens to sign a petition asking the Italian government and the European Union to support, through policies and incentives, more ecological farming and breeding models that respect higher environmental standards and protect the welfare of the animals and human health. You can read the complete text and sign the petition here.

In conjunction with this year’s World Biodiversity Day, Istituto Oikos launches the awareness campaign #èunmacello!, with the precise goal to emphasize the importance of biodiversity as a source of food and therefore of human health. This initiative aims at promoting a positive and conscious change in choosing how much and which meat to put on the table, an urgent resolution to be made in order to live better and defend the planet. But how do you go about it? There are many initiatives promoted by the Milanese organization to encourage citizens to make more informed food choices. Starting with the manual Future-Makers – available to all signatories of the petition – which offers advice and good practices for consuming meat responsibly. Not only that: starting today, through the Facebook and Instagram profiles of Istituto Oikos and the dedicated website, you can access numerous data, information and suggestions, fill out online quizzes to understand if your lifestyle protects or jeopardizes the planet and our health. And again, actively participate in social challenges and share them with your friends. Because an alternative feeding model is possible. It is enough to be aware of it, and act immediately to change one's consumption for the better. For our future, and in the interest of all living beings.

The initiative is part of Istituto Oikos’ project: Constructors of the Future. Citizenship practices responsible for activating young people in favour of sustainable and inclusive economy models. Funded by the Italian Development Cooperation Agency, it aims to enhance alternative, sustainable and inclusive development models.

Istituto Oikos is an independent, non-profit organisation that operates in Europe and developing countries to safeguard biodiversity and to promote the widespread adoption of more sustainable lifestyles. It was founded in Milan in 1996. Since then, we have designed and promoted almost 300 projects in Italy, Europe and in eleven countries distributed between Asia, Africa and South America.

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