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Municipalities, parks and administrations join forces to protect land

Verde Insubria Olona

The Ecosystemic Territorial Area (ATE) Insubria - Olona is located in one of the most urbanised areas in Lombardy. However, it encloses the Olona River, whose perifluvial environment represents an essential ecological corridor for the conservation of biodiversity.
We are working on the reorganisation of the management system within the ATE, together with the Pineta Park of Appiano Gentile and Tradate. On one hand, we are strengthening the expertise of municipal administrations and the operational role of the 4 PLISs – Valle del Lanza Park, Rile Tenore Olona Park, Medio Olona Park and Rugareto Forest – of which the Park is the managing body. On the other hand, we actively involve citizens in land management processes and in small-scale interventions to protect the local environment.

New tools and knowledge for local administrations
We want to make practical and effective information available to the four parks and their 26 municipalities for a sustainable land management. We will do this by writing guidelines on the protection of urban biodiversity. They will also be useful to citizens, especially from small municipalities. In fact, they are responsible for managing private gardens and vegetable gardens, which contribute significantly to increasing urban biodiversity.
From guidelines, one regulation for every PLIS will be produced for sustainable land management, taking into account the specificities of each area. These documents will be the result of a participatory process involving municipal administrations and citizens.

Active citizenship: decision-making participation and green care
Citizens can play a key role in protecting the local environment, but opportunities for participation in urban development planning are often limited. That is why the project aims to support collaboration between administrations and citizenship in the sustainable management of fauna and green areas of urban environment. With the help of the GEVs (a network of eco-guardians volunteers), citizens and local associations are involved in working groups to draw up shared proposals for the municipal regulations and to carry out 4 interventions for the valorisation of the area. The groups will also be able to take part in a short training course on crowdfunding, a useful tool for the long-term sustainability of interventions.

A multi-year programme
Verde Insubria Olona is an initiative financed by Fondazione Cariplo, conceived in collaboration with the Pineta Regional Park of Appiano Gentile and Tradate on the basis of the needs of the area emerged during the active common planning. In fact, the project represents the continuation and consolidation of a multi-year programme for the enhancement of biodiversity, divided into three initiatives: Wet bridge, Sistema Olona and Campo Aperto.


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