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Towards a sustainable and inclusive beekieeping

Campo APErto. Working for biodiversity

The value of bees

Bees play a fundamental role in pollination mechanism, both in natural and in agricultural areas. In Europe, about 85% of the species directly depend on pollinating insects. However, pesticides, pests, adverse effects of climate change, habitat fragmentation and the lack of flowering diversification, due to the lack of agricultural diversification and the monocultures increase for food demands, have weakened the colonies.
With this project, we want to promote sustainable and inclusive beekeeping in the southern portion of the province of Varese. To protect local biodiversity, while at the same time promoting social inclusion initiatives.

Between 2016 and 2017, in Italy, the winter loss of bee colonies was 19.2%, 7% more than the previous year. Protecting these precious insects is more urgent than ever for their extremely high ecosystemic value.
We do this by combining the promotion of ecological agriculture and social inclusion, creating synergies with local authorities, local beekeepers and citizens.
We collaborate with Cascina Burattana, a virtuous agricultural reality, to strengthen and expand its productive activity by creating a new business branch that focuses on the production of honey, through the creation of a sale points, as well as a food and honey extraction laboratory. This renewal process will guarantee new job opportunities for young people in disadvantaged situations, who will receive specific training on sustainable beekeeping techniques, supported by experts in the sector. Children with disabilities will also be involved in the new laboratory of the Cascina.
We will carry out agro-ecological interventions in the lands of Cascina Burattana and Cascina Zuffolino to improve the floristic biodiversity, the shelters and the nesting structures for pollinating insects.
After an analysis of the green maintenance plans of 12 municipalities in the area, we will provide local administrations with guidelines on good practices to be adopted to ensure the survival of pollinating insects.
The project is based on the active involvement of the community, at all levels. We appeal to all citizens to spread awareness on the importance of responsible lifestyles. Through the setup of workshops, debates and events, we want to encourage responsible daily choices that reward inclusive, sustainable and short chain production models. We will distribute, for example, a kit that explores the characteristics of pollinators, the properties and uses of honey, with numerous tips and good practices on how to take care for your garden. With special attention to schools, involved in a new educational track that addresses the issues related to the importance of pollinating insects.


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