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Ecotourism in Lampi Marine National Park, Myanmar

2020 Programme

A unique experience in one of the last planet’s natural paradises

If you share our values and want to contribute to the conservation of the marine park’s biodiversity alongside the local communities, take part in our eco-tourism programme in the heart of the Myeik Archipelago: two departures are scheduled for February and March 2020.

We’re offering you the opportunity to actively contribute to the safeguard of one of the most fragile biodiversity hotspots in the world, working side by side with our marine biologists and the local community. Lampi is the only marine park in Myanmar, a refuge for many species threatened and the so called "mother island" of the Moken people, who have been sailing among the islands of the Myeik archipelago for centuries. This is where Oikos has been working since 2007, to protect natural and cultural resources and promote sustainable economic alternatives for the local population.

The programme is managed by LOTO association in collaboration with Lampi Marine National Paek. Istituto Oikos is in charge for the supervision of the activities on the field.

Dates and place
Two departures are planned: 16-29 February 2020 and 1-14 March 2020. You will stay for two weeks in the Visitor Center of the Lampi Marine National Park (accommodation in a shared room). It is the only protected area of the Myeik archipelago, Tanintharyi region, in the south-east part of the country, which has an immense and recognized environmental and cultural value.

We want to offer you a complete and versatile ecotourism experience, which combines monitoring activities and environmental education with initiatives aimed at promoting responsible tourism. Here are the main activities in which you will be involved:
- Environmental awareness and beach cleaning campaigns with the active participation of local communities and students within the park boundaries
- Ecotourism initiatives (English courses and training for local guides) to offer an economic alternative to local communities, which base their survival on the fragile natural resources of the territory
- Patrol activities and monitoring of species and local ecosystems to support park staff
- Marine surveys, for which the volunteers will receive a special training on marine biology and on species recognition techniques
- Data collection on the state of conservation of mangroves, along one of the rivers of the island of Lampi
The complete program is available at this link.

How to participate?
1. Write an email to with your request to participate – our staff is available to answer to all your questions
2. Fill out the form you will receive by email and send it together with your CV in English, with a letter explaining the reasons that motivate you to participate in our program
3. We will contact you to confirm your participation: at that point you can book your flight!

To know more
The departures are managed by the LOTO association, which organizes meetings every month to present our program to all interested parties.
For more information and to schedule appointments, email or call +39 351 5248713.


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