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Oikos today

Istituto Oikos is a non-profit organisation that operates in Europe and in the South of the world to safeguard biodiversity. It promotes a responsible management of natural resources and the widespread adoption of more-sustainable lifestyles as tools for social and economic development and for fighting poverty.

Oikos is an independent, non-religious organisation. It was founded in 1996 in Milan. Since then, we have devised and developed over 350 projects in Italy and in fifteen countries across Asia, Africa and South America.

  • Africa
  • Italy
  • Asia
  • Latin America

Istituto Oikos is an organisation founded on one guarantee:

Protecting the environment means supporting the communities who inhabit it.

We work to protect key areas for biodiversity, preserving and enhancing natural environments, key resources for the well-being of present and future generations.

In collaboration with institutions, universities and local communities we are involved in soil and sustainable agriculture conservation programmes, the management of water, forests and protected areas; we promote sources of renewable energy and the development of small income generating activities linked to the sustainable use of resources.

We create programmes to monitor fauna and safeguard the most endangered species, we develop environmental assessment models, databases and territorial information systems, interventions for land redevelopment, the development of plans for the management and enhancement of protected areas. All of our initiatives are accompanied by training and awareness campaigns: the importance of the sustainability of interventions must be understood by and shared with citizens, rural communities and institutions.

We promote educational and awareness-raising programmes with the aim of encouraging students, teachers, citizens and local entities to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

Read the Code of Ethics and Conduct

Institutional set-up

Istituto Oikos is governed by a General Assembly of its members, which approves the financial statements and defines the organisation’s strategies; and by a Board of Directors, responsible for ordinary and extraordinary administration and consisting of a President in charge of the smooth running and management of the association, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Counselor. The Board of Directors is supported by a Scientific Committee and a Board of Auditors.

Board of Directors
Rossella Rossi (President)
Adriano Martinoli (Vice President)
Giampiero Gandolfo (Secretary)
Paola Mariani (Counselor)
Damiano Preatoni (Counselor)

Board of Auditors
Maria Clotilde Cermisoni (President)
Guido Rapazzini de Buzzaccarini
Silvia Alberici

Scientific Committee

Adriano Martinoli

Adriano Martinoli Professor of Zoology and Wildlife Conservation at the University of Insubria

I have been collaborating with Oikos since it was founded, helping to identify biodiversity conservation strategies and ensuring the scientific supervision of the projects. But when it comes to wildlife studies, I never say no to fieldwork!

Paolo Anselmi

Anthropologist and social researcher, Vice President of Istituto GfK Eurisko and professor of Social Marketing at the Catholic University of Milan

Over the last twenty years, I have gained a deep respect for Oikos' work in promoting the sustainable management of natural resources and the economic, social and cultural development of local communities. I am honoured to be part of the Oikos Scientific Committee and I hope to keep contributing in the future.

Giorgio Cancelliere

Water resources management expert and coordinator of the Water Resources Management in International Cooperation master course at University of Milan Bicocca

I saw Oikos grow through the people who benefited from its interventions, in the remotest places reached by water, and grew alongside them through experiences I shared with the many collaborators who are the very heart of the organisation.

Mauro Corinaldi


Helping Oikos has allowed me to return to Tanzania after many years and to tell my children about Africa and its people. Oikos has done fantastic work and I hope to soon be able to contribute to the organisation's work in a new country.

Maurizio di Robilant

President and founder of Robilant Associati and Fondazione Italia – Patria della Bellezza

I deal with brand strategy and communications and I have tried to make a small contribution to the life of the organisation in exchanges that are always rich and interesting. Over the years, I have seen Oikos grow under many aspects and I hope to be a part of this great work for a long time to come.

Oikos team is made up of 158 people: environment and development experts, in Italy and abroad


> Accredited NPO (Varese Prefecture)
> Enrolled in the public register of Civil Society Organisations (OSC) and other not-for profit entities, pursuant to art. 26 of Law no. 125/2014 of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (Decree no. 2016/337/000241/0 dated 04/04/2016)
> Socially useful NPO pursuant to Decree 760/97


> CoLomba (Lombard NGO association)
> International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
> Italian Association for Responsible Tourism (AITR)
> Italian Coalition to Fight Poverty
> Italian NGO Association

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