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We are nature

We believe in a world where instead of contributing to its destruction, man plays an active role in the protection and sustainable development of our planet.

Istituto Oikos was born from the understanding that nature is our home (Òikos in ancient Greek). It is fundamental to our survival, to our economy, for building and producing what we need, and for its ability to create beauty and help us find serenity.

For more than 20 years Oikos has been committed to protecting nature.

Our priorities are to repair, strengthen and balance the bond between man and nature. We pursue these goals through tangible and often innovative initiatives whose objective is to consolidate environmental conservation, well-being and social inclusion.

Our vision puts biodiversity and responsible management of land, water, forests and fauna first; an approach whereby man becomes an active player in environmental protection and sustainable development, rather than the cause of extinction.

In order to achieve this goal we team up with scientists, technicians and experts. We maintain a continuous dialogue with academics and research centres in order to fuel our competencies and ensure that our interventions are based on sound scientific knowledge and on rigorous analysis of environmental data.

We believe that in any context we work in, every operation is first and foremost a result of daily collaboration between all parties on the ground – both public and private. For this reason, we constantly apply participatory processes aimed at enhancing the know-how and skills of local populations, with whom we share strategies and results.

We build stable alliances with public institutions, organisations and civil society, communities, universities and research institutes. We know that change requires time and stability in order to achieve lasting results and fine-tune effective and replicable methods and strategies.

Protecting nature is complex but essential work.

Since 1996 Oikos has been aspiring to meet this great challenge.

Want to learn more?

Since 1996 we have devised and developed over 300 projects in Italy, Europe and in the South of the world. Discover how we carry out our commitment to safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainable development.

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