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Awareness is the key to unlock change

S.A.M.E. WORLD: Sustainability awareness mobilization environment in the global education for EYD 2015

How to talk to students about climate change and environmental justice?

13 European NGOs join forces to make citizens, mainly students and teachers from 10 different countries, aware of climate change, environmental migrations and justice, crucial issues today, and to encourage the adoption of more sustainable lifestyles. A great educational project based on the principles of multidisciplinarity, sharing and active participation. And on a certainty: we have just one world and it is the same for us all. Thus, we cannot forget to take care of it.

Climate change poses the survival of several species at serious risk and forces more and more people to leave their home. It is fundamental to understand that everyone has an impact on the planet and contributes to the increase of the seriousness of global phenomena. The consciousness and the respect for the world we live in is an aptitude that has to be cultivated from a youg age. SAME World project, promoted by 13 European NGOs and launched in 2015 thanks to the support of the European Union, aims at making students and teachers aware that we are all directly involved in issues such as climate change, environmental justice and migrations. But how to talk to youth about phenomena on which we think we ca not have any influence or control?
In order to win this challenge we have come up with many tools and activities: an online and free multimedia kit and blended courses for teachers; the theatre play “In alto mare – Deep water” and the puzzle game (Im)perfect future that helps understanding, by playing, the environmental impact of our daily choices; international seminars to share good practices on environmental sustainability between school institutions and local authorities; educational workshops, an European contest for the best educational practices on sustainability issues and an online observatory against environmental injustice, where everyone can be the mouthpiece of an important message: awareness is the first step towards changing.
All these initiatives, supervised by a Scientific Committee elected by the project partners, have a common goal: encourage critical considerations about the present development model, and make new generations exercise their right  (and their duty) to information, knowledge and participation. Because we all share the same world, and it is the only one we have.


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