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Ecosystems without borders

Restoring the Ticino River Landscape. One River, Many Systems, One Landscape

A cross-border alliance to protect a natural heritage at risk

The over-exploitation of the Ticino’s territory has fragmented habitats and compromised the health of ecosystems. Our project aims to create a real ecological corridor between Italy and Switzerland, to protect biodiversity and promote resilience to climate change. 

The Ticino basin, a border territory between Italy and Switzerland, is one of the most important natural areas in Europe: it is the only one that connects the Alps with the Apennines through the Po Valley, home to rich biodiversity and a key resource to counter the adverse effects of climate change. 
The historical colonization of the banks of the Ticino river, with the consequent economic activities linked to the presence of man, has modified in part the natural course of the river with embankments and barriers. Infrastructure and urbanization have fragmented many of the ecosystems in the area. The heart of the Ticino Valley, on the other hand, has remained intact: in many areas it still retains a high naturalness. The role of man in the ecological corridor of Ticino has also had positive impacts: the traditional agricultural landscape closely linked to the waters of the river, which characterizes especially the southern part of the basin, has helped to protect local biodiversity. But the development of intensive agriculture and the spread of unsustainable farming practices, the effects of which are exacerbated by climate change, led to the degradation of the agricultural systems biodiversity. 
That’s why we work for the complete recovery of the Ticino’s ecological corridor ecosystems, in harmony with the social and economic well-being of the communities. With an Italian-Swiss alliance involving institutions, universities, protected areas, environmental protection associations and technical bodies, we have studied the most concrete and effective measures to protect fragile ecosystems and endangered species, increase the resilience of ecosystems and communities to climate change and ensure a coordinated management of the area between Italy and Switzerland. The result of this great teamwork is the elaboration of the Ticino Landscape Restoration Plan, available here
We also want to encourage sustainable behavior: because all of us can take care of the territory in which we live, and we must do it.


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