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Concrete solutions against climate crisis in Mozambique

Facing climate change and social equality in Cabo Delgado Province

Community at the forefront of the climate crisis

In the Province of Cabo Delgado (Mozambique) the effects of climate change are increasingly serious. The districts of Mecufi and Metuge are among the most affected and damaged by extreme weather events. For the population living near the Muaguide and Megaruma rivers and near the coasts, it is essential to find concrete and effective solutions to deal with changing social and environmental contexts. With this project we support the local population to prepare and face the impact of climate change, involving communities and institutions in an active and participatory way.

Flooding and soil and coastal erosion are just some of the most severe consequences of climate change in the Mecufi and Metuge Districts. Small farmers and rural communities in the area are paying the heaviest damages. Mangroves, key allies against coastal erosion, are being cut or poorly managed. This exacerbates the effects of sea level rise. Therefore, small fields, cultivated also by women who see in these activities the only possible economic opportunity, are seriously compromised. 
To deal with this emergency we trained local technicians, providing them with all the necessary equipment for the sustainable management of rivers and mangroves. We involved 40 local and national agencies and institutions. 
The training was dedicated to 60 people from the 5 local disaster risk management committees of the villages near the rivers. They undertook pilot actions in mangrove cultivation and protection areas, being spokesmen for the new techniques to be used to prevent disasters due to climate change. At the same time, we are supporting 200 farmers from the District Union of Farmer Associations (UDAC) to help them find effective solutions for adapting to the new climate context in agriculture.
Our efforts are particularly focused on women and youth, the groups hardest hit by the climate crisis. Together with 80 women who live in coastal areas, we are seeking alternative activities to working in small fields. We are also engaging 160 young people from the Province's hinterland in housing rehabilitation programmes. It is essential to create an important network between young people and the private sector engaged in post-cyclone Kenneth reconstruction


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