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Final External Evaluation

offerta di lavoro



Description of the project 


The project “Preparação para as mudanças climáticas e igualdade na província de Cabo Delgado - PRONTIDAO” is co-funded by EuropeAid and Audemars-Watkins Foundation (FAW) and implemented by Istituto Oikos in partnership with the main following partners: Instituto Nacional de Gestão de Desastre - Centro Nacional Operativo de Emergencia - INGD CENOE (co-applicant); Governo Distrital de Metuge (co-applicant); Universidade do Lurio - Departamento de Ciências Naturais - UniLurio (co-applicant); PoliMil (technical advisor); Community Forestry International (technical advisor).

The intervention started the 1st of February 2021 and will be ending the 30th of April 2024 (39 months total). 


The Action’s general objective is to enhance sustainable and inclusive development in Cabo Delgado province. The specific objective is to promote civil society engagement in the good governance process with focus on prevention and adaptation to climate change, enhancing youth empowerment and equality.


Three main outcomes are expected:

- Outcome 1 (O1) - Improved Local Action Plans (PALs) and Provincial Contingency Plan (PPC), and improved technical capacity of government officials (CdE, INGD) in developing provincial strategies to counter agricultural land loss and coastal erosion

- Outcome 2 (O2) - Marginalized rural communities (focusing on women and youth) living in the areas most affected by CC in the Districts of Metuge and Mecufi have greater access to alternative income opportunities and adopt adaptation measures in their livelihoods

- Outcome 3 (O3) - Target communities are aware of climate-related vulnerabilities and impacts and CC adaptation solutions


Overall objective of the final evaluation


The overall objective of the final evaluation is to make an independent assessment of the global project performance, paying particular attention to the impact of the project actions against its objectives. It is also to identify the strengths and weaknesses, key lessons learnt and best practices and to propose strategic and practical recommendations that will enable Oikos, its partners, the local institutions and other stakeholders to replicate the results in the framework of other interventions.


Specifically, the evaluation will provide an external final assessment for analyzing the following aspects:


- Evaluate the achievement of objectives and expected results, thereby assessing its effectiveness in reaching its outputs(results) and how these have contributed to attain its expected outcomes (objectives).


- Evaluate the project methodology to understand its appropriateness, efficiency, and effectiveness in delivering the anticipated outcomes.


- Evaluate its impact and sustainability, understanding the perceived changes in the beneficiaries promoted by the project and understanding the factors that can foster long-term changes.


- Explore the experiences and perceptions of change of the beneficiaries fostered by the project.


- Identify lessons learned on the success/failure cases, innovation approaches, potential for replication and major challenges that can advise Istituto Oikos in development of projects and particularly integration of DRR in sectoral projects.


The consultant will use the OECD-DAC six standard evaluation criteria of relevance, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability to ensure a standardized assessment.



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