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We have been working for 20 years to ensure natural resources protection through concrete and effective solutions that valorize and enhance the role of local communities.

The territories in which we operate are fragile environments, exposed to climate change and to growing anthropogenic pressure. Yet they are valuable from an ecological perspective and for the contribution they make to communities in economic, social, climate stability and food safety terms.

In these environments we build cohesive initiatives founded on innovation and scientific rigour, and on the concreteness and sustainability of our projects. We apply the principles of fairness, solidarity and social inclusion to all that we do.

Research and analysis
The applied research and analysis of environmental data form the bedrock on which we develop our interventions and verify their impact. We analyse the risks linked to the unplanned use of natural resources by seeking to identify realistic and sustainable solutions.

Planning and participatory management of resources
For Oikos, the strategies for managing natural resources are the result of a process that actively involves local communities, institutions, representatives of civil society, the scientific world and other actors connected with the territory.

Training and exchange of expertise
Every Oikos initiative is accompanied by training programmes and cultural exchanges. Strengthening the technical knowledge of those who manage and inhabit the territories in which we operate is fundamental to generating a long-lasting impact.

Partnerships and expert networks
In order to develop these analysis, research and training processes, we build scientific partnerships with local and international universities and facilitate collaboration between teachers and students, research institutions, NGOs and companies from the North and South of the world.

We are governed by a system of defined and shared values that guide our interventions and dictate our professional conduct.
Read the Oikos Charter of values.

Evaluation and capitalisation
We evaluate our programmes by measuring their effectiveness, impact and sustainability over the long-term. We identify good practices and analyse lessons learnt in order to capitalise on our experiences and contribute to future programmes.

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Since 1996 we have devised and developed over 300 projects in Italy, Europe and in the South of the world. Discover how we carry out our commitment to safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainable development.

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