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Ecotourism consultant

offerta di lavoro

Development of community based eco-tourism products in Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (EWMA)


Oikos East Africa has recently been awarded a 3-year grant for the European Union project “Greater Kilimanjaro initiatives to enhance community participation in Sustainable conservation of the trans frontier ecosystem and wildlife”. In the Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (EWMA) in Tanzania, increasing community benefits derived from wildlife presence in the target area is important in improving the protection of wildlife. Culturally acceptable and easy to manage eco-tourism products, including building the capacity of beneficiaries and introducing new skills, will increase revenue from fees by increasing the presence of paying visitors. By offering new income generating opportunities in the project area, the project will reduce the need for young and adult men to emigrate from their home villages to find jobs, and will introduce opportunities to empower rural women and youth.

Call for Proposal
Oikos East Africa invites individuals or organizations are invited to submit a technical proposal and financial proposal for consulting services to develop community-based eco-tourism products in EWMA.
The Technical proposal should provide the following information:
(a) A description of the methodology and work plan for performing the proposed assignment.
(b) The individual consultant’s CV and a brief of any recent experience of assignment of a similar nature. For each assignment the brief should indicate the profiles of staff involved, contract amount and the individual consultant’s involvement.
(c) Any comments or suggestions on the Terms of Reference and a list of service and facilities requested to be provided by the procuring entity.
(d) Any additional information requested in the special conditions of contract (e.g. use of personal vehicles, support staff requested, special equipment such as generators, video projectors etc).

The Technical proposal shall be separate from the Financial proposal and shall not include any Financial information. The Financial Proposal should indicate a clear breakdown of the total amount required for each phase of work.

Scope of Work
Phase 1: Tourism Product Feasibility Assessment
Objective: To assess the feasibility of at least 5 different potential tourism products and identify at least 3 new tourism products that will be operated/owned by local community members in Enduimet WMA including bicycle trails, home stays, walking safari etc.
- Develop a business plan outlining the path to economic stability and required equipment for each of the 3 new eco-tourism products.
Phase 2: Tourism Skills Development
Objective: To deliver participatory training to at least 45 community members of which at least 50% are women and youth, to ensure that these individuals are knowledgeable and able to run and develop the tourism products.
- 45 community members are trained and knowledgeable in running and managing the new community products.
- Eco-tourism product development manual developed for pastoralist communities.
Phase 3: Tourism Product Development
Objective: To develop at least 3 new potential eco-tourism products, which have been identified the most viable products during the feasibility assessment.
- At least 3 new tourism products are operational, with a manager and staff in place.

The following deliverables are expected:
1. An ecotourism management training syllabus tailored for pastoralist communities that can be utilised in other similar settings is developed and tested.
2. An eco-tourism manual for pastoralist communities is developed and tested.
3. 45 community members of which at least 50% are women and youth, have received training on ecotourism and are capable to manage simple community-led tourism operations.
4. Recommendations on required equipment for the 3 new tourism products.
5. 3 new tourism products are operational, with a manager and staff in place.
6. Business plans for at least 3 new tourism products owned and operated by local community members in Enduimet WMA.
7. Implementation Strategy and Plan for at least 3 new community-owned and operated
tourism products in Enduimet WMA.

The consultancy will be undertaken over a period of 12 months (1st of June 2018-31st of May 2019).
It will be undertaken in 3 phases, with proposed timing as suggested below:
• Phase 1 – Tourism Product Feasibility Assessment (June – August 2018)
• Phase 2 – Tourism Skills Development (August 2018-February 2019)
• Phase 3 - Tourism Product Development (September 2018 – May 2019)

Interested parties must send their proposal by the 20th of May 2018 at 5 pm
(GMT+3), in pdf format, at the following address:

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