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Statute and institutional set-up

Istituto Oikos is governed by a General Assembly of its members, which approves the financial statements and defines the organisation’s strategies; and by a Board of Directors, responsible for ordinary and extraordinary administration and consisting of a President in charge of the smooth running and management of the association, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Counselor. The Board of Directors is supported by a Scientific Committee and a Board of Auditors.

Board of Directors

President: Rossella Rossi
Vice President: Adriano Martinoli
Secretary: Giampiero Gandolfo
Counselors: Paola Mariani and Damiano Preatoni

Scientific Committee

Adriano Martinoli (President)
Paolo Anselmi
Giorgio Cancelliere
Mauro Corinaldi
Maurizio di Robilant
Andrea Mustoni

Board of Auditors

Maria Clotilde Cermisoni (President)
Massimo Vuolo
Luigi Caperdoni

The Values Charter

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